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crash happen. >> people began dropping off flowers and candles on novato boulevard near the crash site after finding out a middle school seventh grader henry radcliff passed away. a white issue he was traveling east on a bottle will b--please do not know exactly how the accident happened. >> there is no crosswalk in this area we are trying to reconstruct the scene with trek technology to see exactly what happened if she was trying to cross of the bulk of the car crossed over into the bike lane. the girl was airlifted to a children's hospital where she died from her injuries. a friend of the student says his mom saw the accident happened and she was too upset to talk about it. the
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students said his mom called 911 and stayed with haley on the side of the road until paramedics arrived. haley had just moved here from mexico about one month ago. >> i've known her for a while she liked hanging out with people. she was very nice in caring in respect with everything. >> the superintendent of the novato unified school district issued this statement where the shells grow attended school. " counseling will be made available for students and staff our heart felt feelings are with this parents. >> albany is still reeling from the news that a middle school teacher was having in a proper relationship with a former student. >> the suspect was arrested on it at his holiday home on wednesday. the accusation
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was made to the principle of of unease high-school and then passed on to middle school officials. members of the community who know the teachers say they are shocked. >> i have girls go to the basketball program my husband has been a coach with him he is a great man. he does so much for the community in so much for these children with sports and school. it has sent a shock to everyone. people really need to listen to get the facts before they make a decision. >> he also coached eighth grade boys basketball and seven great volleyball. he has posted bail and is out of jail this morning still no formal charges from the district attorney. >> parents at albany medical met with school district administrators last my following the arrest. it
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explains the concerns addressed at that meeting. >> the meeting at all in a school last adjusted: hour with more than 50 parents attending. the superintendent opening up with a brief speech telling parents what she does known what she does not know. then opening questions. >> we are reacting with a child's best interest at heart and we are reacting as soon as we possibly can. >> superintended marla stevenson's learned of the allegations from an administration toward at albany high school monday. it shook her! >> i was sick! i was sick! i know every teacher here and i tried to know the families. it sinks to bottom of your stomach. >> stevenson told parents that their students have been giving vague details why the teacher is no longer
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their teacher. counselors have already been talking to students having trouble dealing with the situation. >> you also made the point that the teacher has not been charged. >> that's correct. we are in a very delicate situation. and the rest being made, an allegation being made, but no charges as of yet so you have to be very careful when you talk to kids get when you talk to parents. >> para stow stevenson and both the principal and assistant principal that some kids are having a tough time with this ordeal, a few calling in sick. stevenson says she understands. the administrator told the parents there will be at another meeting with help for their students to talk about how they feel about the situation. >> and one more note on that particular story if he is
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charged that means the superintendent told us just today that he will know lower put on paid administrative leave at that point he will be on unpaid administrative leave until this whole judicial process follows through. >> now is 5: 04 how hot libby janu. >> it will get pretty hot upper 90s and ellen spots. we are waking up to that widespread dense fog in the inland valleys. sunny skies and then in the evening we will see that coast fault roll in. visibility still 2 mi. in santa rosa 1 mi. in half moon bay, this morning kron 4 is showing us of all this just hugging the bay shore and the north bay as well and by 9:00 a.m. still sitting on the bay by noon falling back square to cling to the san mateo coastline
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this afternoon and to the overnight hours push right back in. temperatures sitting at 53 degrees in san francisco 56 in san jose upper '40's and santa rosa 61 degrees current equivalent of more valley 89 degrees in antioch upper '70's and low 80's and south bay. low 60s expected for the coast today and into the north bank and mixed of upper seventies and low 80s. it is going to get really hot coming up for '90s take a look at monday 99 in the spot mid to upper 80s for the bay opera '70s are expected for the coast. as to deter traffic with erica. the morning janu >> we don't have major accidents to talk about the fault is mention having its impact on the morning commute. it is kind of hazy in the background we take a live look outside at the
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approach bay bridge toll plaza again and no accidents to contend with accidents flowing freely from all of the approaches. east and west bound traffic at the san mateo bridge drive 12 minutes from into it in. we are--we have fought so drive carefully and much for the car in front of you. >> interstate 280 no problems approaching cupertino and the east shore freeway looks good no problems for westbound 24 through the tunnel and as we turn our attention to the 586 interchange you see a lot of green on our road licensers gaining speed over 50 mi. an hour. >> erica lick romney's campaign is getting ready for next week's presidential campaign but they're not kidding themselves. and memo shows they will not be shocked if president barack
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obama wins the first round. in the memo a series of reasons outlined why the president may win the debate. president obama is noted as one of the talented communicators in history. the first presidential debate will take place next wednesday in denver colorado you could watch it live on kron force 247 bay area neumes. it all starts at 6:00 p.m.. >> still ahead on the kron for morning news more whether traffic. we are just getting started following this heat wave at this is expected to hit today.
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we don't have any accidents to report you will see traffic flowing freely. now we do have some lingering over night construction in effect until five this
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morning this is impacting both directions of highway 92 closer to the high-rise. looks like to of the three lines are shut down however year just past the toll plaza we're seeing no delays for traffic. that drive still under 14 minutes to foster city to 880 in through 181. it is faulty at the golden gate bridge. it was a lot of space between cars in traffic moving out the limits. we are back not backed up just yet coming off on the altamonte pass. no problems whatsoever in terms of accidents with those of you coming out of novato. >> and erica coming up with the kron for morning news not everything is peachy at apple. and we're talking about apples new application
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concerning maps will tell you all about that we come back from the break.
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>> apple has heard a large amount of backlash regarding bugs in apple maps. there is a lack of public transit direction to summon directions are nicely guiding people in the wrong direction. our reporter tells us why apple has dropped the apple map. >> this is according solve things the attack clock which is pretty accurate. this map debacle started with turn by turn navigation. google maps on in android devices give you boys died commence when navigating directions.
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google mapped out with the vices of the ways been missing that feature. neither apple nor google have confirmed this the more more evidence is lacking on the weather looks like a could be what happened. it there also reports that apple is working hard to create new global maps. we do not know when it will be ready state soon on that. in the meantime i don't get all the hubbub over apple maps everyone is complaining about it but you don't have to move it you can use google maps on your ipad i pyre ipad itouch. any to hobble to collapse the web site is easy. go to the actual web site for google maps and the lower right
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corner hit the send button this menu pops up choose add to my home screen now you have a global maps icon on your home screen that asks exactly like the old ghoul maps the kron 4 news. >> governor jerry brown signed a pair of bills. the bill establishes a council charged with picking class for which digital textbooks should be developed and overseeing their development. students would be able to pass says those for free or for a small amount of money. also crossed the governor's desk says california's universities will have to provide more advance notice when raising to root tuition. the law lays out new rules and california state systems. under new laws in a verse is cannot
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approve the tuition increase until 45 days after holding a public meeting to discuss the proposal when attrition hike is approved the system will be required to approve- test to weighted least 90 days. >> oakland a's star attended a heated meeting for what he is for expenses as it out of control situation. >> tonight in the overflow crowd onto the steps of the haight and museum uc stockton. victims' even a ball player was ready to give up when a town harvey loves. >> this community raised me to be where i am today. >> last week oakland pitcher says he was involved in a carjacking in his grandmother's apartment was dropped. he put his home up
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for sale and is leaving stockton the final straw was a conversation with several stock the police officers. >> the tell me the only bit of a vice that could give me now to protect myself is to take my grandmother and move the tell me that unless i'm shooting are they were shooting at me they just to come. >> he fills the police press response to the most violent crimes. >> that is latino and so many words they cannot do it. >> police she says that his for stress does not fall on deaf ears. he believes it takes an entire community to fix the problem. >> ()inaudible)á >> the fight against the west nile virus is taking center stage in the east
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bay crews are trying to stay ahead of the virus which is spreading in brentwood. kron for a leash read it shows us a seeing going on there. >> this team is on patrol because in brentwood was nile infected mosquitoes are prevalent. following is necessary to kill the insects and protect people from contacting the virus. the contra control uses different methods to locate breeding grounds. >> we use a lot of mosquito traps to give as indication whether or large numbers of mosquitoes that we may not be aware of. >> creeks and puns are major sources of these mosquitoes but it does not take much water for them to agree. >> people need to call us and let us know if there is a mosquito problem. >> the vector control monitors the mosquito problem across the county. >> it seems that we find a
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few and of the ones cropped up and then people called in with a few more pools it is a constantly changing environment out there. >> this area has been fault about a dozen time this season but the vector control has not been able to locate all the mosquito breeding grounds in brentwood alicia read kron 4 news. >> anywhere to watch one of the eight most exciting events of the year. sponsored by g san francisco's fleet week activities will bring you all this out sights and sounds will bring it to you live. . kron 4 blue angels live starts on saturday at 3:00 p.m.. still aheadthe kron t getting started we will tell you why if you are thinking about going into san francisco and driving you
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may want top on public transportation. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza is still spotty. it will be a nice day you can see the cars it will be a nice day not a problem here.
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and 1 mi. visibility for half moon bay 3 currently in hayward. no. they valley at about 9:00 a.m. will still be sitting of the bay and along the coastline by noontime still hugging the san mateo coastline plus the golden gate bridge and then pushing back into the overnight hours so as not point to be too clear along the coast this afternoon. still dealing with the low fifties in san francisco, 52
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in oakland, mid-50s and, concord. and those six is for livermore valley. it said is for redwood pouts so low 80s is role as the upper seventies in your east bay in an bally's looks like livermore has a 90 degree reading upper 60s for alameda in san leandro this afternoon your 7 day around the bay showing us if things are going to get hotter almost triple digits by monday upper '70's are expected for the coast >> what janu is certainly pretty light conditions around the bay area we are monitoring in the hot spots we do have a couple of stalls out on the real ways but nothing impacting your ride. westbound traffic again no way here at the pay gates and no metering lights to contend with. over
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at the san mateo bridge we do have some lingering over night construction. closer to the high-rise it looks like to of the lines are shut down with the tail lights are moving smoothly and here at the golden gate bridge contending with fox out about 1 01 traffic is how ever still moving. interstate 280 we don't have any problems as far south bay traffic is concerned north brown 101 looks fine coming out of coyote valley north down 85 is a smooth and eight easy ride approaching cupertino. >> stay on the transportation theme organizers of critical mass is expecting a big turnout would anniversary bike ride. on occasion tensions have been high between frustrated drivers and bikers of the past couple of decades kron 4 marines kelly have more on what bikers' downtown 7
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cisco can expect today. >> chaos on city streets or a party one wills. either way friday night's critical mass 20 your event is bound to be big. anywhere between five and 10,000 bike riders can show up to participate in the big birthday celebration. that's more than 10 times the normal turnout. the b >> around 6:00 p.m. they will turn out on friday as they have brown for the past two decades as always where they go is up to the riders. >> very likely will fragment into multiple pieces of the ride but is very large but i will not anticipate taking only one route route. >> drivers are expected to sit in gridlock to let the bikers' drive past. >> there have been ugly
4:35 am
confrontations over the years between frustrated motorists and bikers looking to fight for their rights to the road those participating this year say they are expecting any trouble. >> we never expect trouble we are not looking for trouble. it's a >> san francisco police say they are planning a larger than normal procession that will monitor the event with the same number of officers as they do every month with a dash-to continue a say in ec congestion. >> maureen kelly kron 4 news >> following a series of deadly virus infections in some part plans to offer testing for all employes. employes have had blood tests for cancer virus. there are no one in effect on sasso 4. three of those
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figures and visitors to yosemite have died. >> to lawmakers are calling for a state hearing to explore government efforts to prevent future fires. that inflammation that has emerged about the refinery fire shows that more help protectors are needed. their attendance figure out if additional legislation is needed to improve safety. >> victims are getting hurt when they hand over their goods of being dropped. unfolded following a robbery in pacific heights one of the suspects in a gray mercedes s u p with a backpack off of a woman
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while she was walking down the street inside there was a tablet the victim wrote down the license plates and help the police track down the suspect. >> police said they are concerned that there will be more victims even as they try and cap crack down on this particular crime. >> earlier this week there were several reports of the victims getting their cell phones and other electronic devices i stolen. not is ripped from there has been several cases if the suspects beat their victim's one was knocked unconscious despite handing the phone over. >> ec robbers were they are using force a gun, a knife. >> since the beginning of the year they have been 2374 robberies 1199 have involved cellphone steps. we want it comes to understand is that we don't want people to get heard over pieces of property. >> fighting back is not the
4:38 am
answer is best sense often it does not work. >> you don't know what the person's mental state is obviously they are committing a felony by committing robbery so you do not know what their state is also if they have a weapon you don't want to find out if they shoot someone or stop someone over iphone. >> off the best thing to do is to be pro active >> if you are born to use this these items be aware of your surroundings. >> it is challenging to crack down on the problem because there's such a hot market for electronic products. >> obviously you cannot live your life in fear or hiding. we just as people to use your devices effectively and smarts. >> in san francisco kron 4 news. >> coming up on the kron for a morning news we will tell you why you might get chance to vote for rosenbaum
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are for president. still ahead will give you a live look at the golden gate bridge looks as if it's gotten a little far more foggy in the past 15 minutes. we will be right back with an update in just a few minutes.
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and decision 2012 a campaign president stops here. peace and freedom nominee roseanna bar stopped here. >> it was a packed house at the university and everyone was gathered for a town hall stock style meeting. the star of the show was peace and freedom candidate roseanne barr. her main talking point was marijuana legalization. >> it should be totally illegal to smoke marijuana we live in a free country we should be able to smoke or
4:42 am
drink whatever we choose. taxpaying adult citizens or even people will not pay taxes. we should not be going to prison for a joint. >> roseanne who is an amended pot smoker was motivated after hearing of the dea raids of legal california campus clubs. for a >> i'm here because this is where obamas sent federal troops against states' rights almost the very same week that he said mayor is equality was a state's rights issue. >> roseanne said she s-class to build our own party let's build a party that is not owned by bankers let's build a party that speaks for the people in this country in has their support and has their cooperation and their
4:43 am
petition patients. >> rosette says that she is an anti-war activist >> still ahead on the kron for a morning news we're watching the situation as far as the fog and the traffic out there also we will pacino an update on the 11 year-old boy was shot in oakland last year while he was sleeping will have an update on that situation in just a minute. >> here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and as you concede there is still fault will have an update when we come back.
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>> and island shooting last week went through the family's home and hit 11 year-old luis he was easily read least from the hospital
4:46 am
and is fearful to return to the house where he was shot. kron 4 news went to the organization which is helping the family moved to find out how long that will take. >> the homicide victims to we helps for. >> it is the youth alive a violence prevention organization there to lend a hand for victims of homicides and shootings. >> we have worked with over 100 families where there has been a shooting victim. >> one of those shooting victims is luis 1 ye--the relocation qualification process takes sometimes. >> it can take anywhere from a minimum of two months and
4:47 am
depending on how long it takes the family to secure additional housing for them to move to can make it take that much longer. >> the victim of crimes program as the final say approving families for relocation. the funding come from voters approved a measure wide. carter says unfortunately they're on their own. the form with the family will normally have to stay in that location until they are able to find an organization or family members that provide emergency assistance for temporary houses. >> ascended over to janu now who is monitoring the weather situation janu triple digits this leaking. >> could be maybe 99 degrees which could see some triple digits as for today's slightly cooler than yesterday's as we just mentioned it will get hot this weekend. sunday and monday will be the hottest
4:48 am
days of the week and warm start to your work week but slightly cooler mid-week. tracking the fault it is pretty widespread for the bay shore is was the south and north bay. livermore widespread by 9:00 a.m. monday as the bay shore and the san mateo coastline what it will remain throughout the afternoon and then gradually pushing in the evening hours as was the overnight hours so by about 12 you will see making its way to the east bay shores. as where temperatures right now widespread '50s out there as we set the clock ahead to 9:00 a.m. it will be a mix of '60s may be some seventies in the warmer areas by noontime starting to see those '80s glenn indicated by the orange colors on your screen will see a is for the 1 more seventies and sixties out there we're going to track those numbers for use starting out in the south bay mostly low 80s 82 degrees expected for campbell 81 in almaden valley mid to upper seventies for 70 del 9
4:49 am
degrees for livermore 80 expect for fairfield upper 60s for your east bayshore this afternoon upper 60s to downtown san francisco as well 605 for daly city low eighties and up seven is for the north bay. officials for anywhere from 5 to 12 degrees warmer tomorrow getting up to 99 degrees on monday for a year in the spots about mid-80s for the bay of seven is are expected for the coast fare cut. >> of janu we are crossing our fingers for friday hot spots to talk about the traffic is increasing. as you approached the top--one she gets the toll plaza no way at the pace. your san mateo bridge ride looks like construction maybe the
4:50 am
process is wrapping up was down 92 approaching the high-rise and over at the golden gate bridge south lawn down 101 we do have fault and some construction taking place to conceive a flashing light on your screen. taking it to our traffic maps approaching 580 interchange was down 24 and one of our last reports we did see some instances of slowing coming over the altamonte pass however looks like we have returned to green indicating speeds over 50 mi. an hour. as for public transit you are good to go for all systems no place because of 4 a.c. transit bart or caltran this morning. >> does go down to lost chances were hollywood loves a sequel and this weekend's iowa was the another shutdown of the 4 05 freeway through l.a. they're calling it, get into. >> armageddon to the sequel will have its opening night
4:51 am
or should we say closing night on friday at 10 mi. try to the nation's busiest freeway will be closed for the weekend all lies of the 4 05 between 10 and 101 will be off-limits. it is all part of a massive highway improvement project. caltran says that approximately 185,000 drivers will have to park it will be a blockbuster. the message don't drive if you have to in west l.a. or least stay close to home. >> i will stay close to home away from the freeway pretty much i don't want to get caught in traffic, roadblocks, traffic jams. >> are not too worried about >> the size choose to locate last year >> yet find >> still live from the highways >> drivers, pedestrians, skateboarders if you access
4:52 am
the closed section you will be broken the law and we will be taking appropriate action. >> office is one they were not tolerate any highway high jinks like planking or flash mop. >> they should be arrested for even dancing like that. >> still ahead on the kron 4 news you asked for we will give you another addition of people behaving badly. >> let's look outside to show you the situation of the bay bridge toll plaza if you are talking about driving into sentences call today i say don't. there will be critical mass 20 it anniversary we are expecting thousands of bicyclist on the roadway at in our around the evening time.
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4:54 am
>> here is stanley roberts showing some people behaving badly.
4:55 am
>> you are looking at landscaping debris dumped on highway 101 in the city of san mateo. it is not just one pile look at this there are at least 35 separate piles. look at this barite least 13 separate locations just like this throughout san mateo county along. card by people dumping landscape debris on highway 101 highway 92. this is an illegally dumped pile of dirt put here by someone behaving badly. it is not just illegally dumped dirt and would is rocks, tree limbs, old sa, pvc pipes even this flag. for every pile left on the side of the road caltran says it cost the state at a minimum of $300 pair per pile in
4:56 am
disposal fees along depending on which county it is in which means taxpayers could be hit with a cleanup bill that totals the millions state wide. the chp police and illegal dumping takes place during the cover of darkness. it has gotten so bad they believe it could be occurring during the day. the california highway patrol says this form of illegal dumping has increased in san mateo county over the last few months. >> we're asking the public to call 911 if they see someone dumping on the side of the freeway. >> if you are thinking hey this on the alaskan debris what's the problem, aside the fact that it is illegal if the breeze contain disease would because spreading kill more trees. for the record someone was caught dumping on the freeway there were hit with the entire bill for that location. as san mateo county stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> if you have a comment our
4:57 am
story idea for stanley e- mail us at people behaving badly kron 4 .com we will be right back.
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♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ (male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> good morning in the top stories we're following this morning a 12 year-old girl hit by an ss you the while riding her bike has died. >> parents at an albany middle school met with the district superintendent and other officials after a teacher was arrested on wednesday will have more on the superintendent's response and future plans. and the director of the alarm islamic film that sparked protests in the middle east--first a quick check of the weather. >> good morning star yet it's pretty cold out there we have a publication sitting in the upper 40's.
5:00 am
as we turn our attention to the afternoon sun disguise will be a little bit cooler but here too we saw yesterday we will turn the corner as we head into the weekend were talking upper 90s for a handful of locations a full breakdown of your extended forecast coming up in just a bit george. >> thanks erica and a good start to the morning commute here's a quick check we are not checking in hotspots we're looking at life traffic around the bay area. i would 4 and interstate 580 both those the first to freeways to bog down so far it is a light and easy ride there. the south as well as with south bay peninsula north a ride. >>, a 12 year-old girl hit and killed by an s u p while riding her bicycle jackie sissel hour solo reporter is live in a bottle right now with more. >> good morning mark you concede that a growing market out here on the bottle boulevard where the
5:01 am
little girl was struck and killed yesterday afternoon. here is some video from the scene yesterday afternoon at around 3:12 year-old haley radcliffe was riding her bike westbound on the five bell boulevard when she was struck by a white s u b heading eastbound she was transported to a local novato house piddle that is airlifted to a hospital we had word yesterday's she died from her injuries. they are not giving a lot in the way of details they do said the driver of as you the has been fully cooperating with them at this point. they're not releasing any information about what exactly happened what transpired, how the issue be struck the bike. or whether or not the bike was on the road or the bike path is unclear at this point. we do know the identity of the 12 year old little girl a seventh grader at a menace " in this city of novato her
5:02 am
name is henry radcliffe her family just moved here from new mexico just a few months ago she was new to the area. it has really hit the community hard i was on the patch website one minute ago and there are tons of comments from greeting people there will be some cancels at the middle school this morning helping students with bismarck. >> thank you jackie will have more on this story throughout the morning. >> the parents in albany are still reeling from the news that a middle school teacher there is suspected of having an inappropriate relationship a former student. the suspect was release arrested at his summit home wednesday. >> we are reacting with a child's best interests at heart and reacting is and as we possibly can. i was sick!
5:03 am
i know every teacher here i tried to know whether every family here. >> the superintendent told the parents last night students have been giving vague details about why the teacher is no longer a teacher at the school there would be a meeting tonight the district's mental health court nadir will be on hand to talk about the situation with parents and students. >> and police arrested the man believed to be behind the anti islamic film which sparked deadly protest across the muslim world. he was in a federal courtroom mr. day there was a preliminary bill hildinbail hea part of his probation he may not use the computer will have any access to the internet. the movie sparked
5:04 am
violent protests the clips and them was aired on egyptian television. >> los angeles police are investigating the murder of an elderly woman at an early two sons of anarchy actor johnny louis officers believe louis beat his 81 your landlord to death before falling to his own death. crews were there on the crime scene last night investigators say louis fell to his death when he intended to run as your police approaching is unclear what prompt the violent rampage from the actor. >> in bay area news the fight against the west nile byers is taking center stage. crews are trying to stay ahead of the virus which is spreading in bridge would buy fault in the area peopl. >> all of the mosquito breeding areas have not been found as of yet. people are
5:05 am
vice to call if they have seen the skills or standing water. >> a judge is given 78 year old joes of nascent time to compare his case he is representing himself and his death penalty case was granted a legal adviser to help out. the murders that he are charged with are from 1977 standing many years and each of the victims had the same first and last initials. the trial date is pushed back to january 14th he has pleaded not guilty. >> still ahead on the kron for morning news governor jerry brown and his legislation out how it affects your social media. >> we have thick fog across parts of the bay we are also watching the big warmup which is starting to kick in we will be right back as kron 4 news continues until 10:00.
5:06 am
dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding.
5:07 am
erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that.
5:08 am
prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
5:09 am
for >> the nationals were following a gunmen killed four people inside his minneapolis fine banking business before turning the weapon to his self the shooting happened yesterday afternoon. four other people are wounded fault one of them critically. another tells of being released at this point about the gunman other than he was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> a new law was signed yesterday by gov. gary brown those who are protective brought from giving up passwords by this law--speaking of social media the new face books
5:10 am
feature allows you to buy a gift in post about under france timeline the recipient can then unlocon rap -- >> there was a gathering of techies in menlo park all for a good cause. the competition awards winners up to $100,000 off for a prototype proposal for a web app which the contestants thinks will provide useful college device or a service. this competition runs into november 16th. >> still ahead on the kron for more news critical mass in the streets of san francisco this is a 20 it anniversary bike ride could be a big one so states and so hot to see how will affect your commute. >> you can see the there is
5:11 am
an easy approach to the bay bridge.
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5:14 am
>> organizers of critical mass are expecting a big turnout some say between five and 10,000 riders can show up that would be 10 times the normal turnout in tin signs of trouble if you are trying to get to the city in a car. around 6:00 at justin herman plaza where they go from there that-so if you are driving and heading home tonight you can expect gridlock in certain sections as they are blocked off depends on where those bikers rode through or whether and not it will bring you to a standstill. police will be watching and they are planning for a bigger than normal turnout because they have heard this to be so the police are ready for that and they want
5:15 am
to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. >> the 4 05 will be closed for the weekend starting tonight all lanes between the tin and the 101 are off- limits. this part of the massive highway improvement project that includes a new bridge rams and in the carpool lane to the message in l.a. is stone drive if you have to in west l.a. the chp warns that they are not going to tolerate any highway pranks like flanking or flash mobs. about two- thirds of the vehicle that normally drive the 4 05 will stay park this weekend. >> and a live look outside right now the flaw is pretty thick in spots we are waiting for a warmup. >> good morning we had a little bit of a setback because today will actually be a bit poor compared to what we saw yesterday and the reason that a lot of
5:16 am
that cloud cover we are contending with right now will be a little bit slower to lift so the sun will not be out early. now i talked about the fall of that check out your visibility chart. for miles over oakland check out a were committing on the nimitz freeway visibility at 2 mi. so service drive with extra caution the fog is or to hang our to the latter morning hours. your temperature is chilly out there is president of north bay for if the sun rose about 51 as we check out what the numbers are going to go into the afternoon futurecast for bringing up your afternoon highs 60s with a coastline and the peninsula parts of our is bay shoreline as well. outside of the yellow on your screen indicates where was he the '70s and indicated by the or some aid is on your screen as we head
5:17 am
into a p.m. we move back significantly. did you have outdoor plans '70s and '80s and the south bay looks like we have shade of a couple of degrees in fact san clara 7 degrees 76 of and sunnyvale and there we will see the upper 80s in places like pittsburg over in fairfield as well and looks like livermore the only spot region that 90 degree mark. upper 60s for san leandro. 72 expected in hayward. and yes going to be another comparable day in the north bay were talking a percent is the most part there is 67 downtowns of the cisco and 66 in daly city. now you're headed to the game tomorrow looks like they're facing up against a issue of you are going i will see their mostly sunny conditions in stips and the low 80s. mid to upper 90s the warmus in an air is pretty toasty bay shore as well was the upper
5:18 am
60s potentially along the coastline and will continue with warm weather were flirting with the triple digits as the start the next work week. that was sure whether or traffic morning george. >> friday morning as we always look for a whole for an easier than usual commute so far we are not tracking any problems are hot spots your bridge check with the bay bridge. westbound shows an easy ride here as we have from the macarthur made to the seashore freeway and from the nimitz freeway before the san mateo bridge we seem to have over the last doubleday's head a rest of the two weeks and stopping the traffic here at the san mateo bridge with luck we will have an easy ride today as well we certainly do right now. the voting day commute a little foggy but no problems as to her head southbound will take a look at your right first in the east bay as the of states and drive time on interest 880 artists to berkeley 14 minutes walnut
5:19 am
to dublin 21 minutes with altamonte pass to the up to the dublin commute to north bay ride the marin county and easy trip southbound 21 to 23 minute drive starts from the bottle down to the golden gate bridge. doria >> thanks allot george 5: 19 now a massive pot bus in sonoma county allows the police to go on the backyard to several homes near the area of moreland and bellevue avenues. what they found what you can see it and removing the evidence from the scene 15 people were charged with possession and selling in cultivating marijuana. 1200 pot plants weighing 15,000 lbs. worth about $2.5 million and police say this is a high crime area known for its gang activity. fred will see those attendants appear in court today. palo alto residents in an initiative november ballot that would
5:20 am
allow a total of three pot the spinsters in the city of palo alto it would be reversing a trend by other california cities and counties which have been imposing greater restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries. >> a caffeine in coffee lovers rejoice some of those popular chains will be giving away free coffee tomorrow. saturday's national coffee day as stores like mcdonald's, crispy cream, 7-eleven will give free coffee to anyone who stops by. some stow stores are starting early give away copies today. a new list of colleges with the highest paid graduates and the bay area's school makes the top 10 skills coming up in a live look here for mount tam right now not much of a showing of we will be right back
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
>> welcome back to the kron 4 news. in looks like we may take a downturn today with the dow. a first-time unemployment claims filfail. --and a plumber reddens pena 25% on tap for today the u.s. markets personal income and personal spending reports for the month of august will be released dow futures down 1--. >> the seven top banks that make it easy to avoid fees and get really good interest rates. the sec a look coming
5:25 am
in its u.s. bank that's coming in first u.s. bank is the best and then rounding out the top five you can see td bank, huntington, first citizens and m in t as with the rest that made the top teen zion comes in at no. 6 hauler bought allied berkeley capital one and citibank of the banks that money magazine says are a good place to put your money if you are worried about fees and interest rates. another new list is out this one reveals the colleges have the highest paid graduates. the bay area has made the list must take a look this is mid career salaries across the country this data comes from pace kill .com. as you can see princeton grads are doing very well their mid career salary is $137,000. >> 10 years after graduation >> you know how much they're
5:26 am
paying off yet better education first. can we see the list again harvey mudd a small college in california is one you may not know about. california institute of technology their mid salary tenures in like it said the students read jubilatiograduates--so you're pg your time >> by the way stanford comes in at 10th place they said that stanford grads about 10 years after graduation make around $114,000. >> it's hard in net >> will be right back as the kron for morning news continues we have the best
5:27 am
seats in the house for the blue angels as they soar over the bay blazes live here on kron 4 presented by g i will be in seen the event as the blue angels flying over the bay and give you the best view saturday october 63 in the afternoon >> still ahead on the kron for morning news' new funding for caltran to help modernize taking a live look out here is the golden gate bridge and you can hardly see a way to work over the bridge and looks like if foggy right now.
5:28 am
save up to 35% on a huge selection of clearance mattresses. get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. but hurry, sleep train's inventory clearance sale ends soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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5:30 am
>> we could reach the highest levels since the month of june to. taking a look at your extended forecast, coming up. >> the san mateo bridge is pretty smooth. no delays, currently. the quick commute check showing that we are slowing slower traffic on highway no. 4 and interstate 580. on the peninsula, through the north bay still light and easy. >> thank you. still caltran has cut in nearly $40 million for the modernization project. and to get you more news
5:31 am
faster, mike pelton. this is certainly good news. just a few people filtering in and at the station at fourth/king street. we are expecting that to increase. 40 men and dollars was approved by the california transportation administration to advance the modernization program. this will see an advanced signal system put into place. commuters will seek more trains each day. that is good news. more efficiency but this entire program is expected to take a couple of years. the one to increase safety measures, and safety measures and also to modernize these train systems. bringing them up to date. the good news is that if everything goes to plan. this will not be until 2019. certainly, commuters are going to have to be patient.
5:32 am
>> we want to know is that is there any reason that this is going to cost more? >> there is no word on that. from the state funding. and with some of this money was already set aside. for the next seven years. , thank you, mike. >> other stores with the massive fire. at the richmond refinery. lawmakers want to explore government efforts to prevent future outbreaks. nancy skinner says that more legislation is possibly needed for prevention. and also a rise in violent crimes with cellphones and electronics. wednesday night, this high speed injured a child. with a robbery in pacific heights
5:33 am
when they witnessed a robbery of a back pack. and the earlier this week there were seven reports of cellphone and other devices stolen. and at several locations the victims were attacked and knocked unconscious it is not advised to fight back. >> we do not know the mental state. they are already committing a felony with robbery so you do not know what their state of mind is. and if they have a weapon you do not want to find out. if the record to kill you all for a cellphone. make sure that you are aware of your surroundings. >> they are cracking down on this because of the hot market for electronics. since the beginning of this year there been over 10001100 cellphone deaths. --theft of 1100 >> the oakland athletics
5:34 am
pitcher is attending in committee meeting against the high crime rate and stockton. showing this lack of crime prevention. >> the only preventive measures they could take that i could take is to take my grandmother out of the city. and i have fought with this committee by love this community. this community raised me where i am today. and blatantly, by the person that is going to be running the shots i have nobody to go to. if the gentleman with the batch pentagon cannot step up who is we have no other choice. that is the wild west. because the boys in the blue are outgunned. >> he really came out strong. and stockton became the largest city in the country to file for bankruptcy. it is the second
5:35 am
most violent city in california up toward and wednesday it had its 50th homicide of the year. he threw the perfect game for the oakland athletics in 2010. >> new polls showing that president obama has a lead over mitt romney. this wall street journal poll showing key is seven points ahead of mitt romney and new hampshire. and the president is leading 49% in the state of nevada. 47 percent in carolina. this also found that some people were undecided. and 86% were struggling with candidates' choice. -there was a small election choice of undecided. --. >> there is a new memo that the gop claims they are not going to be shocked if
5:36 am
president obama will have victory. mitt romney team is saying that why he could be a winner. one of the reasons is that president obama is widely regarded as the most talented communicators in modern history. and these debates will not decide the election. it will be wednesday, in denver, colorado 6:00 p.m. you can watch it go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates.4.2 digital. this earthquake studies with new information about aftershocks. we will show you the map. and taking a live look from our roof cam you cannot see too much but we can see that it is probably cloudy and foggy. we will get through that and some big time, hot temperatures. coming up.
5:37 am
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> will come back. this digital source library is housing these materials. they could access those
5:41 am
materials for a small fee. you know how those textbooks can be so costly. also, this new bossing the california public university will have to provide more advanced notice when a raise tuition. under this new law they cannot approve a tuition hike until least 45 days after holding a public meeting to discuss their intention. if a tuition hike is approved? this will be at least 90 days before that increase will kick and. students will have a chance for prepare. >> still ahead, the mars rover curiosity is making an amazing discovery. and we will show you. taking a live look. at the san mateo bridge a bit sluggish. with portions of the bay.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
news for a family from hisnovat this 12 year-old w struck with straw " riding her bike. she has died. haley was going home from school going west when she was struck by an s u v that was driving east. she was air lifted where she died from injuries. >> parents met with administrators with concerns of the recent arrest. the 28 year-old teacher was rested with allegations of improper relationship with a student. counselors are on hand to speak to students and teachers. >> the film maker slashed director was arrested and is
5:46 am
going to be in court he was in federal court, on already charges being on a violation of probation and bank fraud in 2010. he is not able to use any computers without approval from his probation officer. >> nasa mars rover, " a curiosity " made an amazing discovery with water possibly present on the planet mars. >> the consensus opinion of the science team is that this is a rock with water. it can be characterized as being vigorous flow. on the surface of mars. >> scientists say that there is likely a stream bed at one point. it has flowed down. >> this live look outside.
5:47 am
pretty clear. however, those fog conditions along the area? >> yes. with visibility at weather judg sunshine will not be quite as widespread. as for goal for tomorrow that heat is back on. as we go for tomorrow. and what is ahead? temperatures are going to be unseasonably warm. in fact, this is the warm says the month of chewed.and we will have detailsf that coming up since the month of-june. --built with the visibility only 2 mi. at half moon bay and in hayward. it is going
5:48 am
to stick around for the next several hours. and it is also a chilly start. 40's and daly city, novato and here is a look at where we could expect for those temperatures for this afternoon. they've to yesterday with mountain view, 70's. campbell, san jose. if you're going to the case came tonight? that came time is 7:05 with cloud
5:49 am
coverage with game time. your kron 4 7 day around the bay and warmer weather. in fact, as we take a look at futurecast. check out those numbers. fairfield, and already 60s in oakland. by 3:00 p.m., mid 90's in livermore. and some of these coastal readings are actually conservative. it is going to get a lot warmer. the extended forecast showing sunday, monday with hot temperatures. flirting with triple digits. and we will continue to see warm weather and sunshine. >> thank you. we are still monitoring this commute around the bay area. and still for the most part, light traffic. westbound. at the san mateo bridge. it
5:50 am
looks pretty good. nine minutes-11 minutes. and even and downtown san francisco. with a 11-12 minutes to san mateo it is problem-free. as it turns out there have been problems at the 9:00 a.m. hour. we could see some of those today. still, ongoing problems likely because of those construction projects coming up with to weekend - two weekend closures expected in october. taking a look of the 80 westbound, still about 16 minutes to the san ramon valley. and westbound 24 no delays. resell debate we will see a decent drive on the freeways. the 280 towards
5:51 am
cupertino. and for the north bay and easy commute to marin county. it is delay- free the 37 interchange and public transit, also enjoying an easy drive. it is official, melky cabrera is not going to be in the post season. he is an eligible. last night, the giants had a victory. let me show you the highlights from last night's game. the arizona diamondbacks marco scootero 7-3 = final score.
5:52 am
and taking a look at the texas rangers and the oakland athletics. they are three games behind against texas. and the athletics took on the texas rangers. with texas going up 9-4 at this point. and take a look! these home runs! however, it ended at 9-7. college football, stanford. at washington. you can see david shaw he will be here next week. murphy, with a 40 yd. >> huge! >> wow! and they are getting that pick up set.
5:53 am
big upset that 35 yd touchdown. the huskies have obsessed. upset-as they were in the top 10 that they are most likely out. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. one town in new mexico only as one police officer. and a dog. will have more on why this canine is on duty, next. taking this live look. friday light.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> welcome back. this is the only licensed police officer and bess town in new mexico. >> and that was the last
5:57 am
dog. and this--small town in new mexico. coming up at 6:00 a.m., will live. with a 12 year-old girl hit and killed struck by an suv. and an office workplace shooting. we will be back. this with commute.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> parents at an albany meet with

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